21 Days Of Prayer

Join us January 10th-January 30th as we start 2018 with 21 days of prayer and fasting. You can follow along with the prayer points below, or you can receive text updates each day.

To opt into text updates for the 21 days of prayer, text PRAYER to (512) 900-3126.



Day 1 (1/10): For God “Take the Land” through us in 2018 (Deuteronomy 1:8)

Day 2 (1/11): We Would Live and Love Like Jesus

Day 3 (1/12): Unity in our Nation, City, and Church

Day 4 (1/13): Our Rooted Launch

Day 5 (1/14): We would be people of unconditional love and radical grace.

Day 6  (1/15): For The Future Home of Mission Church

Day 7 (1/16): We Would Be people of audacious faith.

Day 8 (1/17): Increased strength & provision for those that serve at Mission

Day 9 (1/18): God to Heal Those in Need

Day 10 (1/19): We would follow Jesus and live with integrity.

Day 11 (1/20): Our Children To Faithfully Follow Jesus

Day 12 (1/21): 400 People To Say Yes to Jesus In 2018 at Mission

Day 13 (1/22): Provision of Jobs and Financial Breakthrough

Day 14 (1/23): That We Would Do anything short of sin to reach people who don’t know Jesus.

Day 15 (1/24): Our president and national leaders

Day 16 (1/25): We would lead the way with irrational generosity.

Day 17 (1/26): Round Rock Mayor Craig Morgan + City Officials

Day 18 (1/27): Our Lead Pastor, Staff, and Their Families

Day 19 (1/28): We Would Not Maintain But Multiply

Day 20 (1/29): That those new to Mission would connect & find Mission to be home

Day 21 (1/30): We Would Never Stop Praising God For What He Has Done