Pray with us by following the daily guide below or text PRAYER 512. 900.3126 to receive daily updates. 


Day 1 (10/03): 100 salvations at Mission Church this fall.
Day 2 (10/04): We would live and love like Jesus.
Day 3 (10/05): Unity in our nation, city, & church.
Day 4 (10/06): For people to grow and connect in our Missional Communities.
Day 5 (10/07): For our after school, Love the Rock and Laundry Love outreaches to bring  hundreds of people to Jesus. 
Day 6 (10/08): For those who serve on our Mission Kids and Youth teams.
Day 7 (10/09): We would be people of audacious faith.
Day 8 (10/10): For those who serve on our greeters, assistance, hospitality, ushers and first time guest teams.
Day 9 (10/11): Healing for those in need.
Day 10 (10/12): We would follow Jesus and live with integrity.
Day 11 (10/13): Our children and youth to passionately follow God.
Day 12 (10/14): For those who serve on our worship, production and serve teams.
Day 13 (10/15): Provision of jobs and financial breakthrough.
Day 14 (10/16): That we would do anything short of sin to reach people who don’t know Jesus.
Day 15 (10/17): Wisdom for leaders within our local and national government.
Day 16 (10/18): We would lead the way with irrational generosity.
Day 17 (10/19): Revival to start in Round Rock.
Day 18 (10/20): Our Mission staff and their families.
Day 19 (10/21): We would not maintain but multiply.
Day 20 (10/22): Pastors Ezra and Kendra and their family.
Day 21 (10/23): For the other churches in our city to make an even greater impact.